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Tuesday, November 3, 2009 Philippines signed up as major sponsor

Our sincerest thanks to, through its project sites Philippines, for signing up as a major sponsor to the 3rd DigitalFilipino Web Awards.

About our major sponsor was formed with the vision to provide a complete end-to-end e-commerce platform to the Asian industry by easily setting up online businesses and trading in the global marketplace. In a short span of three months, the company has obtained the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) status from the Malaysian Government (January 2009) in recognition of their innovative research and development efforts in the e-commerce era.

In April 2009, when was just five months old, they launched,, a fourth generation e-commerce solution to the public.’s mission is to become the pioneer and enabler, as well as a provider of a complete, brand new business-to-business-to-consumer-to-consumer (B2B2C2C) platform in the Asian Internet retailing industry. It is their vision to be the largest e-commerce platform company in the Asia Pacific Region. Product Overview

As more and more people enter the busy working life, the demand for acquiring a 1-stop service has indeed increased over time. E-commerce industry was one of those demands as well, however how many players in the current market succeed in doing so? is designed and equipped with an end-to-end e-commerce trading platform to cater to such massive demand in the market today. is an innovative and easy solution for merchants to be part of the global trend by transforming traditional business concept into a borderless e-trading platform. They call this platform the E-Commerce 4.0, or the fourth generation e-commerce solution which features not only the complete e-commerce tools needed, but also a business intelligent trading engine. is also a platform with a low entry barrier for SMEs in Asia, designed and glocalized with simplicity. It is user-friendly to suit all group demands from non-IT, IT-savvy users to developers.

Eco-system is not just simply another e-commerce platform, adding on to dozens in the market today. offers the entire E-Commerce eco-system, complete with the basic components of an E-Trading platform, payment gateway system, logistic management also focusing on portal and media which helps to generate traffic, providing education and training on online business, designing and E-Commerce business management.

Key Components

Advance e-commerce Web Store offers a ready-customized, trendy yet simple and user-friendly web-store, with a lot of designed and sophisticated templates to choose from. All merchants need to do is just to upload their products as well as their company logo into the Back Office and they are ready for business.

It has a cross-selling E-Trading engine through Cross-selling allows other merchants to sell different products in their web-store, where they can earn commissions set by the product owner. This helps not only to expand your product range, but also expanding customer base and market reach. Thus, through this function, products can be sold and bought in the global marketplace and create a healthy competition among the web-store owners.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System
“Customer First” is the all-time favorite business quote…

Another important component in system is a built-in CRM system, which enables merchants to track and organize customer contacts as well as to approach otential customers. It is an effective sales-network approach to know and understand customer’s needs and requirements, which eventually boosts company profit.

Its CRM consists of Front-office operation, Back-office operation, Business relationships, and an advanced phase of business intelligence analysis.

E-Payment Gateway System

Highly-secured and designed with fraud prevention and detection mechanism, its E-Payment system is able to accept more than 15 mainstream currencies in the world. Their payment gateway business partner is a Malaysian government authorized company which is highly trained and an expert in online payment services. Apart from accepting a variety of payments from credit cards to online banking facilities, acts as a Facilitator in managing your transactions, lowering fraud cases with our built-in detection tools, as well as an imposed risk management system to protect data privacy. These ensure all payment transactions are processed efficiently and smoothly. .

E-Logistic System incorporates the E-Logistic system, whereby they integrate their tracking system and a built-in packing list printing feature with logistic partners such as LBC, Air21 and FedEx to simplify the shipping process for all merchants. Logistic partners are from reputable backgrounds, reliable and professional in ensuring the shipment is delivered timely and soundly.

Aside from that, they incorporate their online system whereby customers can track their respective shipments in real time. will act as a facilitator to monitor the shipment, ensuring both our buyers and merchants are well informed on the shipment status as well as ensuring all damages and investigation is done accordingly.

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