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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Nominate a site: Education Category

The Education category intends to spotlight on websites that promotes education services or curriculum or content for adults, children, teachers. It includes distance learning as well.

Nominate a site now by posting a comment on or before February 18, 2007. It should include the following:

Website name:
Website url:
What makes this website outstanding?


lemuel cabia said...

Website name: De La Salle University - Manila

Website URL:

What makes this website outstanding:

De La Salle University - Manila is one of the best school here in the Philippines. The University also received the highest ranking among Philippine private universities in a recent global survey conducted by the Times Higher Education Supplement (THES), a London-based newspaper, and Quacquarelli
Symonds (QS), an international education and career development group. (More info:

Right now it is the only University website in the Philippines that conforms to the web standards and accessibility issues.
(More info:

Currently, this is the 8th version of web site design & development for DLSU-Manila since the first one was uploaded on the gopher server on December, 1994. Most of the pages use Microsoft's Active Server Page (ASP) and the advanced ASP.Net technologies.
(More info:

Rachel Alfonso said...

website name: Filway Marketing, Inc.

Website URL:

What makes this website outstanding:

the site is intended to promote educational products and services by encouraging love for learning. When you visit, its message is appreciable and easy to understand: LEARNING IS FUN...and indeed it is, after you experience browsing through intuitive pages.

The site has the basics that give visitors a nice experience: it informs, it inspires, and it interacts. Click through an organized level of links of their products and services. Post messages or comments via its message board. Find out income opportunities. Get involved in community work via the AHON (Acts of Hope for the Nation) foundation, which is the social arm of filway.

It's holistic approach encompasses an individuals possible interests: to learn, to earn, or to contribute. On top of that, the selection of colors, pictures, animation, and music combined give it just the right spark.

Anonymous said...

Xavier School - A Nomination

One of the most amazing things with the web is how it creates community. Today, with the advent of Web 2.0, the web is wove not by single individuals nor an office, but by readers of the content themselves.

The Xavier School website is such an example. Long before other school sites featured contributions from its community, the Xavier School website has its community weaving its web. Not only was the XS web formed from an already lively and energetic community, but it created a new online community as well -- bringing more Filipinos to be, digital.

Perhaps it may be said that while Xavier School may only be a K-12 institution, with no single office dedicated to managing the site, people came together to weave this CMMA-winning site, innovating for our country and for the world.

Regnard said...

Name: Java Education and Development Initiative


What makes this website outstanding:
1. Clean Code
2. Relevant Content
3. Promotes Filipino Education

Carlo Simpao said...

Website Name: Foundation University, Dumaguete City, Oriental Negros

Website URL:

What makes this website outstanding?

Foundation University’s website is just what a university website should be. It’s slick and simple design and layout makes the page load faster. Unlike other flashy sites with all the bells and whistles, information is given to the user in an instant. The site provides several sections that provide relevant information to students, teachers, parents, alumni and site visitors. The FORUM section is the most active and most participated section which is intended to allow members of the University community, alumni as well as guests to interact with us by way of sharing their opinions, suggestions, concerns, feedbacks and comments on relevant issues and matters pertaining to the University with the aim in view of providing a venue for the sharing of information and ideas to facilitate academic development in an environment of open communication through ICT. This service is an added feature to compliment and supplement the University's Program of Uncompromising Personalized Attention (PUPA).

But what makes this website really outstanding are the online services that it provides to the members of the University community. Now, students from far away cities or provinces can enjoy their entire semestral break or summer vacation without having to cut it short just to travel and enroll. They can now do it anytime, anywhere as long as there is Internet access. Faculty members also enjoy the same privilege when submitting their grades.

Foundation University is the first and only university in the Visayas and Mindanao region, or probably the only one in the entire country, to successfully develop and implement an array of fully automated Online University System such as Student Evaluation System, Online Enrollment System,and many more. Such development helps speed up processes and has indeed made University life at FU more convenient.

Here is a complete list of the online services provided by the website:

The website is using Open Source technology and hosted locally on a Mac OS X Serve. The FU Dev Team of Foundation University develops all applications. Their main goal is to make things easy and simple.

Jojo said...

Website Name: Manila Christian Computer Institute for the Deaf Foundation, Inc.

Website URL:

What makes this website outstanding:

MCCID Online has been on the Internet since 1997. It showcases the best the deaf people has to offer regarding the use of technology. It also proves that disability is not a hindrance in order for a person to be successful in life.

The website conforms with web accessibility as well as international standards.

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