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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sharing Website and E-Commerce Experiences

Many thanks to Web Awards winners, Club SME and corporate members who took time to join the Advanced E-Commerce Training workshop.

Here are some handout links and blog coverage:

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Anonymous said...

Hi, i'm chika bugtas senior broadcast communication at UPd. i saw the link to your blog at yugatech. i'm doing a study about philippine podcasting. if you have time po, may i ask you to answer the ff questions po, kahit in bullet points lang po. you can email the answers at

thank you so much for you time. god bless!


1. Who introduced you to podcasting? How did you discover podcasting?
2. What are your favorite podcasts? Why? (Describe these podcasts)
3. What are your least favorite podcasts? Why? (Describe these podcasts)
4. How often do you listen to or download podcast sites?
5. How are you able to access podcasts?
6. Are you planning to put up your own podcast site? Why yes? Why not?
7. In what ways do you think can podcasting benefit the Filipino society?
8. Are there negative effects of podcasting to Filipinos? If yes, what are those?
9. Are you aware of any issues being thrown at podcasting? What are those? (Ex. Podcasting will kill radio broadcasting)
10. What’s your personal assessment on the status of podcasting in the Philippines?
11. Do you think podcasting will click in the Philippines? Why?

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