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Friday, September 18, 2009

Judging criteria

Peer Review is a very important part of the Web Awards.
At the minimum, entries subjected for review must meet the following criteria:
  • Each page in the site must have a unique title tag.
  • The site must have a search feature (either internally developed or 3rd party widget) that allows a visitor to explore the available contents further.

    - this is a new requirement defined for the 2009 awards.
On October 20 to 29, club members involved in the judging shall evaluate and submit reviews on entries (in categories that are assigned to them). For scoring purposes, entries are judged according to the following six criteria. Highest score is 10 per criteria.
  1. Search engine readiness
    - Title tags
    - Keywords strength
    - Page strength
  2. Content/Organization
    - Clear purpose
    - Target audience is clearly defined
    - Citation of sources, whenever used
    - Freshness
    - Originality
    - Accuracy of information
  3. Structure and navigation
    - Opening page
    - Content connection and transition
    - Writing and conventions
    - Ease of navigation
    - Link usefulness
  4. Design and functionality
    - Overall layout
    - Colors, background, text
  5. Technical performance
    - Page loading
    - Browser flexibility
    - Live links
  6. Interactivity
    - Audience involvement
    - Overall experience
Note that this juding criteria may be improved for further clarity and guidance of club members.
Additional info:
This video has an explanation of the judging criteria as well presented during the DigitalFilipino Web Awards 2008 recognition ceremony.

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iceman9 said...

this one is a sure nosebleed! hehehe.. cheers

Ramon said...

What does having search have to do with anything? said...

Search helps a user to look for information within the site. This is one of the observation of the judges last year and is now included as a requirement for entries to enter the judging round.

Ramon said...

Yes, you're right. I didn't mean to make my question vague. I just know there there are sites that aren't about finding information, and don't need search (yet - since I believe all large sites need search).

But, thinking about it, I suppose smaller sites shouldn't be part of this.

Thanks :) said...

There are smaller sites that also has search as it can now be easily added to the site (such as the Google search bar where you can limit the search to your domain name).

Also, those who used the blogging platform as a means for publishing also has search as a feature.

So it doesn't have to be a big site.

mybers2 said...

I think having a search function should not be included in the primary criteria although search site is good for bigger content based site. however, there are sites that are built for promotions and online brochure that not need to be search.

Perhaps placing just a sitemap should seem good. said...

As an awards organizer, we are always face the challenge on how we can this kind of activity a notch higher and set some of a standard on what is an ideal website nowadays.

That is where the search feature comes in as that is a feature that benefits users a lot especially for e-commerce sites.

And yes, in the process, not all will qualify.

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